Nikko AM intends to show leading corporate responsibility by behaving ethically, practicing good corporate governance and treating our employees with respect. Developing and promoting socially responsible investment (SRI) funds has also become a natural and meaningful part of our business. In fact, in 1999, Nikko AM became the first asset manager in Japan to offer an SRI fund; our group now offers a number of strategies with an SRI focus.

But our efforts don't stop there – as a company which places a high value on environmental and social contribution activities, we also encourage our employees to get involved in the local community through a number of initiatives intended to help enhance the lives of others.

Promoting a Sustainable Environment

In addition to adopting eco-friendly initiatives – such as conserving energy and resources – Nikko AM actively participates in industry-wide efforts to promote a sustainable environment.

Supporting the Community

Nikko AM endeavours to support local and global communities by:

  • Donating to Charities: Nikko AM is a member and sponsor of the Executive Committee for the Financial Industry in Tokyo, a charity group.

Nikko AM also donates a portion of our management fees from an SRI fund to the International Development Association, a part of the World Bank that supports anti-poverty programmes in the poorest developing countries.

Our employees also donate to charities; Nikko AM's Charity Committee fundraises twice a year and distributes donations to seven selected charities covering: welfare, diversity and international exchanges; environmental conservation; children and education; and overseas activities.

  • Supporting Earthquake Relief: Financially, Nikko AM has contributed to earthquake relief efforts by donating a portion of fund management fees and coordinating staff fundraising activities. Additionally, Nikko AM has organised a number of employee volunteer trips, to support clean up efforts in the regions most affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Volunteering: Working with charities and other organisations, Nikko AM's employees are invited to volunteer for a variety of projects including cleaning streets, riverbeds, parks and gardens, as well as planting trees.

Socially Responsible Investing

Nikko AM has launched several SRI funds over the last decade, including a strategy which invests in World Bank Green Bonds, which finance projects focused on addressing climate challenges. We also participate in the following industry-wide initiatives:

  • Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): As a signatory to these principles, Nikko AM's investment professionals commit to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues within the investment process.