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Multi Asset

Nikko AM Impact Investing Multi Asset Fund - SGD Hedged Class

ISIN: SGXZ27989060
Bloomberg Ticker: NIIMANA SP
Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to deliver long-term total returns as well as generate positive social and/or environmental changes in the world. The Fund will invest directly or indirectly primarily in global equities and investment grade rated global fixed income securities.

The investment policy of the Fund will be to, as a Feeder Fund, invest substantially all of its assets in the shares of the Underlying Funds. The investment objective of each Underlying Fund is to seek long-term total returns.

The Fund, as a feeder fund currently, invests substantially all of its assets in the shares of Wellington Global Impact Fund and Wellington Global Impact Bond Fund (the “Underlying Funds”), both sub-funds within the Wellington Management Funds (Ireland) Plc. The Wellington Global Impact Fund will invest primarily in global equities and the Wellington Global Impact Bond Fund will invest primarily in investment grade rated global fixed income securities.

The Underlying Funds may use or invest in financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”), including, but not limited to, forward currency transactions, interest rate futures and credit default swaps and options for optimizing returns, hedging and/or efficient portfolio management.

Fund Details
Base Currency
Initial Sales Charge
Up to 5.00%
Management Fee
1.50% p.a. of the Class’ NAV
50% MSCI All Country World Index (Net Total Return) and 50% Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return Index Value (USD Hedged)
Cash, SRS
Minimum Initial Investment
SGD 1,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment
SGD 100
Fund NAV
Performance (SGD)
Source: Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited as of
Returns are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis and assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested, if any.
Returns for period in excess of 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

1 Takes into account of maximum initial sales charge and a realisation charge, currently nil, as and where applicable.

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