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Nikko AM Impact Investing Multi Asset Fund - SGD Hedged Class

ISIN: SGXZ27989060
Bloomberg Ticker: NIIMANA SP
Why invest in Nikko AM Impact Investing Multi Asset Fund?

1. Active asset allocation

2. Measurable social and environmental impact

3. Invest in a new generation of companies with novel approaches to address global challenges

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1. Active asset allocation

A balanced strategy that is actively managed by Nikko Asset Management’s team of managers to achieve incremental returns via medium term asset allocation, and short-term risk management to reduce or prevent deep relative decline against reference benchmark.

Key Drivers of Asset allocation
key driver
Asset Allocation Implementation
key driver
2. Measurable social and environmental impact

The ability to measure a company’s social or environmental impact is central to impact investing. Once we determine that a company meets the criteria for impact, we develop a set of key portfolio indicators (KPIs) to track that company’s progress towards our impact goals. Adapted from academic research, the KPI logic chain allows us to form a structured view, measuring impact for each company during different stages of its business life cycle, and tracking progress over time.

Developing strong relationships with our impact companies helps us understand their business models and determine which KPIs are most relevant. Depending on the business, availability of data and a firm’s awareness of its impact, our impact assessment will align with one or more categories within the logic chain. We document our work so that we can review and improve the process over time. Gaining access to these KPIs is an important area of engagement.


Capital spending


Specialised knowledge



Product development

Construction activity

Drug testing

Training programs


Students educated

Units sold

Patients treated

Loan value provided


Salary increases

Health improvements

Living condition improvements

CO2 emissions avoided


Reduction in poverty

Lives saved

Economic & social empowerment

Health care cost savings

For illustrative purposes only
3. Invest in a new generation of companies with novel approaches to address global challenges

As the need for impact solutions grows, a new generation of companies are taking novel approaches and employing cutting-edge technology or innovative business models to address global challenges in distinctive often disruptive — and profitable ways.

We aim to identify companies that are making an appreciable difference in solving the world’s most challenging problems. To narrow our universe, we focus on three broad impact areas: life essentials, human empowerment, and the environment. We then target specific sub-themes where we have identified our theory of change. These themes align with many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and are areas where we have clear views on investment potential.


11 Investable Themes

Life Essentials

Sustainable Agriculture & Nutrition
  • Livestock productivity
  • Advanced irrigation systems
  • Enhanced distribution
  • Novel treatments
  • Mobile clinics
  • Telemedicine
Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Water treatment
  • Water-loss reduction
  • Environment remediation
Affordable Housing
  • Low-cost mortgages
  • Housing management
  • Rehabilitated homes

Human Empowerment

Education & Job Training
  • Distance learning
  • Education financing
  • Access to education
Financial Inclusion
  • Mobile banking
  • Microfinance
  • Fintech
Digital Divide
  • Affordable internet access
  • Communications infrastructure
Safety & Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Product testing
  • Home & workplace safety


Alternative Energy
  • Renewables
  • Large-scale batteries
  • Access to clean energy
Resource Stewardship
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Carbon filtering
  • Reforestation
Resource Efficiency
  • Smart metering
  • LED lighting
  • 3D printing

...aligned with select UN Sustainable Development Goals

key driver
Source: Wellington Management,

What’s the difference between ESG investing and impact investing?
Impact investors focus on the change that can result from what a company produces & sells.
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Impact investors focus on the change that can result from what a company produces and sells.

ESG investors are concerned with how a company does business and treats its stakeholders – evaluating issues such as customer safety, employee relations, or board structure in the course of company analysis.

To be considered for our impact portfolio, a company must have a measurable positive effect on society or the environment through its core products and services.

With the impact universe, we believe companies with positive ESG have the potential to outperform the market and may do so with less volatility. ESG is incorporated as part of Wellington Management’s research mosaic for those same reasons, but their research starts with impact criteria. Ultimately, our intention is to invest in companies having a positive impact by virtue of what they sell and how they conduct their business operations.

Fund Characteristics
Delivering regular returns* through a flexible Multi-Asset strategy in the Impact Investing space
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Delivering regular returns* through a flexible Multi-Asset strategy in the Impact Investing space

Potentially Attractive Returns

Potentially attractive returns
access to world-changing companies

Regular Income

Pays quarterly distribution*

Alignment with select UN SDGs

Alignment with select United Nations (UN)
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Diversified Portfolio

A balanced strategy (equities and bonds) actively managed by Nikko Asset Management’s team of managers that provides a neutral point of the asset allocation

*The Managers have the absolute discretion to determine whether any distribution should be made. Any distribution is expected to result in an immediate reduction of the Fund’s net asset value (NAV). If the Investment Income of the Fund is insufficient to fund a distribution, the Managers may determine that such distributions should be paid from the capital of the Fund. Where distributions are paid out of capital, the NAV of the Fund will be reduced and this will be reflected in the Realisation Price of the Fund. Holders redeeming their Units may therefore receive an amount less than their initial investment. Such distributions may also result in reduced future returns to Holders.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to deliver long-term total returns as well as generate positive social and/or environmental changes in the world. The Fund will invest directly or indirectly primarily in global equities and investment grade rated global fixed income securities.

The investment policy of the Fund will be to, as a Feeder Fund, invest substantially all of its assets in the shares of the Underlying Funds. The investment objective of each Underlying Fund is to seek long-term total returns.

The Fund, as a feeder fund currently, invests substantially all of its assets in the shares of Wellington Global Impact Fund and Wellington Global Impact Bond Fund (the “Underlying Funds”), both sub-funds within the Wellington Management Funds (Ireland) Plc. The Wellington Global Impact Fund will invest primarily in global equities and the Wellington Global Impact Bond Fund will invest primarily in investment grade rated global fixed income securities.

The Underlying Funds may use or invest in financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”), including, but not limited to, forward currency transactions, interest rate futures and credit default swaps and options for optimizing returns, hedging and/or efficient portfolio management.

Fund Details
Base Currency
Initial Sales Charge
Up to 5.00%
Management Fee
1.50% p.a. of the Class’ NAV
50% MSCI All Country World Index (Net Total Return) and 50% Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return Index Value (USD Hedged)
Cash, SRS
Minimum Initial Investment
SGD 1,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment
SGD 100
Fund NAV
Performance (SGD)
Source: Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited as of
Returns are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis and assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested, if any.
Returns for period in excess of 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

1 Takes into account of maximum initial sales charge and a realisation charge, currently nil, as and where applicable.

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