Beware of Impersonators of Nikko Asset Management

Recently, we have become aware of websites, email addresses and social media accounts using our company name without permission, including “Nikko Asset Management”, “Nikko AM” or deviations thereof. They are also attempting to approach investors by phone or in-person for the unauthorized sale of equities and/or fixed income securities.

One recorded example of an impersonator is the domain “@au-nikko.com”. This domain is not affiliated with Nikko AM, so please be careful.

Be aware that accessing these sites comes with risks such as the potential of being exposed to a computer virus, theft of personal information, or investor fraud. Please confirm the URL in your browser that the site is legitimate. All of our official website URLs end in nikkoam.com, nikkoam.com.au, nikkoam.co.nz, nikkoam.com.sg, nikkoam.com.hk or nikkoam.de.

Our official English language social media accounts linked here on LinkedIn and Facebook.



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