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Nikko AM Shenton Global Opportunities Fund - SGD Class

ISIN: SG9999004303
Bloomberg Ticker: DBSSAOI SP
Future Quality Companies

Attain & Sustain High Returns on Investment

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Attain & Sustain High Returns on Investment

Our strategy is based on the Future Quality philosophy. We expect to find alpha by seeking Future Quality companies with sustainably high or improving returns on investment over the long term.

We identify Future Quality by assessing a business across four key pillars - Quality of Franchise, Management, Balance Sheet and Future Valuation. This framework gives us a complete picture of the potential for investment.

We also believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are integral to Future Quality - good companies make good investments.

Quality of Franchise
Focusing on the future returns of the franchise as well as any ESG factors that may have a significant impact.
Quality of Management
Identifying companies with exceptional strategic vision, strong internal leadership and a high standard of corporate governance and awareness of ESG.
Quality of Balance Sheet
Ensuring companies can finance future organic growth using their own capital.
Quality of Future Valuation
Applying research models to provide detailed forecasts of future ROI and growth of a company’s cash flow.

Our Team Approach

Experience, Mutual Respect, and  a shared Passion

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Experience, Mutual Respect, and a Shared Passion

A team of global equity portfolio managers with a flat structure and based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Harnessing over 110 years of collective investment experience, the Nikko AM Global Equity team has the depth, balance and diversity of experience that enables them to focus their research and identify the real opportunities for your portfolio.

James Kinghorn

Iain Fulton

William Low

Greig Bryson

Johnny Russel

Michael Chen

ellie Stephenson

Finn Stewart

Collective Focus

All Specialists & Generalists

We are passionate believers that our team’s collective knowledge is more powerful than any individual team member’s.

We harness over 110 years of collective investment experience to strive for outperformance and grow capital for our clients.

Our shared passion for discovering Future Quality businesses drives our disciplined, repeatable investment process, which is why our clients trust us to manage more than USD 1.5 billion globally. We believe a team-based approach to investing best limits key person risk and cognitive bias, and delivers the benefits that come with the deep and diverse experience of the team.

Our most senior team members constantly share their experience by mentoring our younger colleagues. At every stage of the investment process ideas are challenged through rigorous and open debate and within a culture of mutual respect.

Our core values of diligence, respectfulness, mindfulness and transparency form the foundation of our team culture.


The Wider Edinburgh Global Equity Team

”The team’s collective experience and flat structure are crucial elements of our investment process and ensure the successful delivery of Future Quality ideas for client portfolios.”

Our Process

Creating a High-Conviction Portfolio

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Creating a High-Conviction Portfolio

Idea Generation
Fundamental Research
Peer Challenge & Stock- Ranking Tool
Portfolio Construction

Our process for identifying long-term winners starts with robust idea generation that is validated by bottom-up fundamental research. Our flat team structure means all portfolio ideas are peer challenged, with each portfolio manager sharing both analyst responsibilities and ownership of investment outcomes. Ideas are then ranked using our stock-ranking tool.

This process of actively challenging investment ideas limits cognitive biases that can lead to inferior returns. This comprehensive process generates a portfolio tilt towards growth and quality, with a total carbon footprint well below the MSCI All Countries World Index.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long term capital appreciation. The Fund invests primarily in equities of developed and emerging markets. The Fund may also invest in fixed income securities of developed countries or debt instruments with at least an "A" rating, and derivatives which will be used primarily for hedging. There is no target industry and sector.

Fund Details
Base Currency
Initial Sales Charge
Up to 5.00% (non-CPF subscription), Nil (CPF subscription)
Management Fee
1.25% p.a.
MSCI AC World Index (Net Total Return)^
Cash, SRS, CPFIS-OA#, Regular Savings Plan (RSP)
Minimum Initial Investment
SGD 1,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment
SGD 100
Minimum Initial Investment - RSP
SGD 1,000
Minimum Subsequent Investment - RSP
SGD 100/month
* With effect from 16 March 2015, the Fund’s base currency has been changed from Singapore dollars to United States dollars.

^ Prior to 1 May 2017, the performance returns of the benchmark is calculated using price index methodology. With effect from 1 May 2017, it is calculated using net total return index methodology. With effect from 1 May 2019, the benchmark against which the performance of the Nikko AM Shenton Global Opportunities Fund is measured, i.e. the MSCI World Free Index (Net Total Return), has been changed to the MSCI AC World Index (Net Total Return).

# The Fund is included under the CPF Investment Scheme (“CPFIS”) - Ordinary Account and is classified under the Higher Risk - Broadly Diversified category.
Fund NAV
Performance (SGD)
Source: Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited as of
Returns are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis and assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested, if any.
Returns for period in excess of 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

1 Takes into account of maximum initial sales charge and a realisation charge, currently nil, as and where applicable.

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