A Multi-Award Winning Fund

The Singapore Dividend Equity Fund, a Sub-Fund of Nikko AM Shenton Horizon Investment Funds, is a multi-award winning fund invested primarily in equities listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange that offer attractive and sustainable dividend payments. The fund's successful dividend-focused strategy has produced a track record of strong and consistent performance, making it not once, not twice, but three times a winner.

Roaring Success Rooted in the Lion City

The ingredients critical to the fund's success can be found in the strong foundations of the Lion City state of Singapore.

It benefits from Singapore's world-class corporate governance culture. The country’s robust financial regulations, a business-friendly environment and sound political stability provide a high degree of predictability for businesses operating here and anchor investor confidence over the long run. The strong Singapore dollar boasts a solid AAA credit rating (based on Fitch, Moody's and S&P Rating, January 2017), which few countries in the world can claim.

Rooted in Singapore's resilient and diversified economy, investors can take advantage of the flexibility to invest using SGD, USD, or RM1.

Fund Benefits

monthly distribution
Exposure to
strong Singapore dollar
Flexibility to
invest using SGD, USD, RM
1For Distribution in Malaysia Only.

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Fund Details

Investment objective
To achieve medium to long term capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in equities listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited that offer attractive and sustainable dividend payments and may also invest in equities listed outside of Singapore offering attractive and sustainable dividend payments.
Inception date
2 August 1999
Fund currency
Launch price
SGD 1.00
Minimum subscription amount
SGD/USD 1,000 (Initial)
Subsequent amount
Mode of subscription
Cash (SGD/USD) & SRS (SGD only)
Payout frequency
Initial sales charge
Up to 5.00% - Cash, SRS
Annual management fee
1.25% p.a.
Dealing frequency

Intended monthly distribution calendar2


Record Date
January 2016
29 Jan
February 2016
29 Feb
March 2016
31 Mar
April 2016
29 Apr
May 2016
31 May
June 2016
30 Jun
July 2016
29 Jul
August 2016
31 Aug
September 2016
30 Sep
October 2016
31 Oct
November 2016
30 Nov
December 2016
30 Dec


Record Date
January 2017
31 Jan
February 2017
28 Feb
March 2017
31 Mar
April 2017
28 Apr
May 2017
31 May
June 2017
30 Jun
July 2017
31 Jul
August 2017
31 Aug
September 2017
29 Sep
October 2017
31 Oct
November 2017
30 Nov
December 2017
29 Dec
2Distributions from the fund are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the Managers. In the event that income and dividends generated from the underlying investments of the fund are insufficient to fund a distribution for the fund, the Managers may in their discretion, with the consent of the Trustee, determine that such distributions should be paid from the capital of the fund. Where distributions are paid out of the capital of the fund, the capital of the fund will be reduced and will be reflected as a reduction in the realisation price of units of the fund. For details, please refer to the fund's prospectus.