The Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF is an exchange traded fund with the investment objective of replicating as closely as possible, before expenses, the performance of the Straits Times Index (STI).

The STI is a stock market index that comprises the top 30 companies ranked by market capitalisation listed on the Singapore Exchange.

NAV S$ {{numberFormat (M:round nav.nav 6) 6}}
As of {{dateFormat nav.nav_date "d F Y"}}
FUND SIZE S$ 243.16

As of 28 February 2018

The intraday NAV is provided on a delayed basis (updated every 15 seconds during the market hours) by Interactive Data and should not be viewed as the official NAV. The intraday NAV is provided for reference purposes only and may differ from the official NAV calculated in accordance with the Prospectus. Please refer to the official NAV on our website available at the end of each dealing day.

This Fund is Suitable for...

Investors who want the familiarity of investing in Singapore blue-chip companies
Investors looking for a low cost and simple way to get exposure to the Singapore stock market
Investors who don’t have time or resources to perform individual stock picking or company research

Investors get exposure to a basket of constituent stocks that make up the Straits Times Index (STI).
Dividend distribution and potential capital gains
Investors stand to benefit from potential capital gains and semi-annual dividend distribution.*
Low cost
Ability to invest in a basket of benchmark stocks at a lower cost.
Ease of trading
Investors can trade units like any stock on the Stock Exchange, allowing for ease of gaining or reducing exposure to Singapore Equities. The Fund is classified as an Excluded Investment Product (EIP).

*Dividend distribution is not guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of Nikko AM Asia.

As the Fund is traded like a stock on the Singapore Exchange, you will have immediate access to prices and trading. Investors may wish to contact their respective brokers or use their online trading account to invest in the Fund.

Investors may also seek to invest in the Fund with any of our participating dealers which include DBS Vickers Securities Pte Ltd; Societe Generale Bank & Trust (Hong Kong); Flow Traders Asia Pte Ltd; Commerzbank AG (Hong Kong); BNP Paribas Securities Services and Phillip Securities.

Ways to invest in the fund:

  • Cash
  • CPF*
  • Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)
  • Regular Savings Plan with POSB (in cash only) or OCBC (Cash/SRS) or Maybank Kim Eng (in cash only) or DBS

*The fund is included under the CPFIS - Ordinary Account and has been classified by the CPF Board under the Higher Risk - Narrowly Focused - Country Singapore.

Fund information
  • Benchmark
    Straits Times Index
  • Listing Date
    24 February 2009
  • Fund Structure
    Open-ended Listed Unit Trust, with Exchange Tracker Fund feature
  • Lot Structure
    100 units per lot
  • Expense Ratio
    0.35% (Audited as of financial year ended 30 June 2016)
  • Dividend Distribution
    Dividends (if any) would be paid semi-annually at the manager’s discretion
  • Valuation Frequency
  • Listing
    Singapore Exchange
  • Manager
    Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited
  • Trustee
    HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Limited
  • Fund Auditor
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Singapore)
  • Designated Market Makers
    Commerzbank AG (Hong Kong), FlowTraders Asia Pte Ltd
  • SGX Stock Code
  • ISIN Stock Code
  • SGX Trading Name
  • Bloomberg Ticker

*Dividend distribution is not guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of Nikko AM Asia.

Fund NAV
  • Fund NAV^
    S$ {{nav.nav}} (as of {{dateFormat nav.nav_date "d F Y"}})
  • Fund Size
    S$ 243.16 million (as of 28 February 2018)
  • Outstanding Units
    {{nav.shares}} (as of {{dateFormat nav.nav_date "d F Y"}})
  • Initial issue Price**

^Fund NAV is indicative only, any rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice.
**Any excess monies arising from valid applications for the IPO were credited back to the investors' accounts. Monies from invalid applications for the IPO were refunded in full, less the S$2 ATM subscription fee.

Fees and Charges
  • Management Fees~
    0.20% p.a
  • Trustee Fees~
    Up to 0.045% p.a (subject to minimum charge)

Usual brokerage and handling charges to apply
~Please refer to the Fund Prospectus for complete information on the Fund, relevant disclosures and fees payable.

Fund Performance (SGD)
  • Return (%)
  • 3Mths
  • 6Mths
  • 1Yr
  • 3Yrs
  • 5Yrs
  • Since Inception
  • Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF
  • 2.72
  • 7.51
  • 16.54
  • 4.30
  • 4.43
  • 11.82
  • Benchmark – Straits Times Index
  • 2.84
  • 7.95
  • 17.30
  • 4.80
  • 4.96
  • 12.66
  • 3-Year Annualised Tracking Error
  • 0.22%

Source: Bloomberg, FTSE & Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited as of 28 February 2018
Returns are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis and assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested, if any. Returns for period in excess of 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

  • 1STI as a
    gateway to Asia's growth
  • 2
    World class corporate governance
    among Asian countries
  • 3
    STI generates better returns
    compared to residential property
  • Trade Existing Units
    Investors can trade existing units in the Fund (in board lots of 100 units) with cash in the same way as they buy or sell stocks on the Singapore Exchange through their stock broker. Institutional investors can consult their market makers to buy or sell existing units.
  • Cash Subscription of New Units*
    For subscription of new units in the Fund, investors need to go through the authorised participating dealers and a minimum of 50,000 units is required.
  • In-kind Subscription of New Units
    To create new units by subscribing for in-kind units, investors must approach a participating dealer and a minimum of 500,000 units is required
  • Market Makers
    Market makers are appointed to put up bid and offer prices on the Exchange by using the NAV of the Fund as a reference.
  • Fees & Charges
    Usual brokerage and clearing fees apply.
  • For Market Professionals & Institutional Investors
    Please consult participating dealers on how to buy and sell the Fund for new units and in-kind subscription.

    Find out more about the daily indicative basket of the Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF.

    *Subscription for and/or redemption of new units for cash is applicable for a minimum of 50,000 units (or multiples thereof) through participating dealers on any Cash Dealing Day. Such subscription and redemption of Units must be made via the participating dealers. Please refer to the prospectus for additional terms that apply for application through participating dealers.