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Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF

ISIN: SG1X52941694
Bloomberg Ticker: DBSSTI SP
Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to replicate as closely as possible, before expenses, the performance of the Straits Times Index (STI), or upon the Manager giving three (3) months' prior written notice to the Trustee and the Holders, such other index which tracks the performance of Singapore listed equity securities.

The Straits Times Index is compiled and calculated by FTSE International Limited and represents the top 30 companies listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard ranked by full market capitalisation.

Fund Details
Straits Times Index, in total return
Listing Date
24 February 2009
Fund Structure
Open-ended Listed Unit Trust traded on Singapore Exchange
Lot Structure
1 unit per lot
Dividend Distribution Frequency
Semi-Annually at discretion of Manager*
Valuation Frequency
Singapore Exchange
Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited
HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Limited
Fund Auditor
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Singapore)
Designated Market Makers
Flow Traders Asia Pte Ltd, Societe Generale, Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd, Grasshopper Pte. Ltd.
Management Fee
0.20% p.a.^
Trustee Fee
Up to 0.045% p.a.^
Total Expense Ratio
0.30% p.a. (Audited as of financial period ended 30 June 2021)#
SGX Trading Name
SGX Stock Code
* Distributions are not guaranteed and are at the absolute discretion of the Manager.

^ Usual brokerage and handling charges to apply. Please refer to the Fund Prospectus for complete information on the Fund, relevant disclosures and fees payable.

# Management Fee and Trustee Fee are included in the calculation of Total Expense Ratio.
Fund NAV
Fund NAV
Fund Size
Outstanding Units
Initial Issue Price
S$ 1.62
About the Index

The STI is a market value weighted index comprising the top 30 main-board listed companies based on their market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST). The Index is calculated by FTSE, in partnership with Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Exchange. The STI is widely followed by investors as the benchmark for the Singapore equities market.

A liquidity review of the Index constituents is conducted semi-annually in March and September by the index provider. In addition, a constituent review, free float review and share in issue review of the Index constituents are conducted quarterly in March, June, September and December by the index provider.

For more information on the description of the index methodology and the latest information relating to the Index, please refer to

  1. Good proxy to Singapore economy

    Comprising of the top 30 largest and most liquid companies listed on the Singapore Exchange, the Index is a good proxy of the Singapore economy.

    Singapore consistently outranks the world as one of the cities with best investment potential. In its BERI Report 2016-I (April 2016), US-based research institute Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) ranked Singapore first out of 50 major investment destinations in a ranking that assesses operations, politics and foreign exchange. With no restrictions on the repatriation of profits and the import of capital, along with the most favourable operating conditions and strong diplomatic ties, Singapore’s stable political and economic climate creates an ideal environment to invest in1.


  2. Diversified portfolio

    The Index is also a well-diversified benchmark. Apart from a balance of different sectors within the Index, there is also a mix of companies that are both domestic and regionally focused. In recent financial years, as much as 46% of the revenue associated with the STI was reported to have derived from the Asia Pacific region outside of Singapore2.


  3. Attractive dividend yield

    Compared to an average of 2.5% for the FTSE indices of China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the Index, with a dividend yield of 3.1% (as of 31 October 2017)3 has one of the highest dividend yields across Asia.


Performance (SGD)
Source: Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited as of
Returns are calculated on a NAV-NAV basis and assuming all dividends and distributions are reinvested, if any.
Returns for period in excess of 1 year are annualised. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
Fund Holdings
Top 10 Holdings Weight

* Amounts of less than 0.1% are not displayed
Country Allocation (%)
Sector Allocation (%)

Cash in allocation charts includes cash equivalents.
Percentages of allocation may not add to 100% due to rounding error.
Fund Characteristics
Ways to Invest
Trade through your stock broker on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) using:
#The Fund is included under the CPFIS - Ordinary Account and has been classified by the CPF Board under the Higher Risk - Narrowly Focused - Country - Singapore.
Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)
SRS is a voluntary savings scheme to encourage individuals to save for retirement while reducing taxable income.
Regular Savings Plan (RSP)
Invest in the ETF on a regular basis with:
(*transaction fees or charges may apply with the respective parties below)
Direct Subscription through Participating Dealers (for subscriptions of 50,000 units and above)
Subscribe directly to the ETF through any of our participating dealers, subject to minimum unit requirements stated below.
Cash Subscription of New Units
For subscription of new units in the ETF using the cash option, investors need to go through an authorised participating dealer and a minimum of 50,000 units is required.
In-kind Subscription of New Units
For subscription of new units in the ETF using the in-kind option, investors need to go through an authorised participating dealer and a minimum of 500,000 units or multiples of 500,000 is required.
List of Participating Dealers
BNP Paribas
DBS Vickers
Phillip Capital
Important Information

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